Australian Online Casino Gambling Site Does Responsive Design Well

Gaming and Entertainment June 20, 2014

Although we cover gaming as a topic here at Wizards of Technology we generally stay away from writing articles that revolve around online casinos, poker and other forms of Internet gambling. Not for any reason in specific we just haven’t really found anything all that interesting to write about.

Today I came across a website while looking for somewhere to play online slots for free and came across a really well built responsive website that focuses on the Australian online casino market. The website is and even though it doesn’t benefit me because they neither offer free slots nor Australian the layout of the site and execution on the flow of the website are what interested me.

Playing around with the browser dimensions I tried viewing Australian Casino sites on my iPad tablet as well as my iPhone and found it to render seamlessly and without issue. Gaming enthusiasts who are Australian and seeking information about the subject of online gambling will definitely make good use of this site.

What I was most impressed about in this website is that although it’s a responsive type site it doesn’t look like it on the surface. When you look at the site it seems like it would be hard to configure the breakpoints based on the layout when you view the site on a desktop computer but they’ve managed and have done a pretty good job in my opinion in the execution.

I’ve included some screenshots below of what the site looks like on an iPhone device and an iPad mini to give you an impression of what the site looks like on these two devices. I’ve also checked out the site on a Nexus 5 as well and it works just as well.

iPhone Layout of Australian Casino Sites

Layout of homepage and internal online casino review page.

iPad Layout of Australian Casino Sites

To check out this responsive design perhaps for ideas on how to implement responsive design well on your own website visit the Australian Casino Sites website by clicking here.


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