Next Generation Game Controller?

Gaming and Entertainment December 25, 2015

Maybe so. If you take a closer look at a recent action by the game maker Nintendo that may very well be your conclusion. Take a look for yourself. It turns out that Nintendo filed a patent application for what looks to be quite a different approach to game controller technology.

According to the patent application by Nintendo, the front face of this new controller will in and of itself be a touchscreen. That being said, this new controller also includes the expected two gaming control sticks on either end. Moreover, there are also two buttons affixed to the top side of the controller. Intriguingly, there is also an integrated card slot affixed between the two control sticks. Get this: this new controller design also includes an internal speaker.

This recent patent filing application includes some interesting non gaming uses for this new controller. For example, the application envisions a desktop browser in the middle of the screen. The browser would be controlled by the right stick much as the desktop mouse is used today. At the same time, the left stick on the controller will be used to display smartphone style status information. Best of all, the entire display rotates as the controller is turned one way or the other.

You might have seen the recent mention of Nintendo in the esteemed Wall Street Journal publication. According to the Journal, Nintendo’s up and coming new NX platform will reportedly include both a console and an independent mobile device that could either work alone or work in tandem with the home unit.

You can readily see that this would be the next logical progression from Nintendo’s current console, the Wii U. You probably already know that the Wii U has a controller with a touchscreen that can and does display the entire game. However, the inherent limitation of the Wii U is that it is only effective within the range of the controller. In other words, it could very well be that the new controller is the next progression.

After all, the late CEO Satoru Iwata quite frequently railed against the inefficiencies of developing games for multiple platforms such as 3DS and Wii U. Since Nintendo actually combined the home console and handheld divisions into one team a few years ago it would certainly make sense that this is the new direction for Nintendo.

First is the new controller as seen in the recent patent application. Next is the unveiling of the mysterious NX platform. Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold.


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