Do It All Keyboard You Must See For Yourself

Gear and Gadgets October 31, 2016

If you have ever been frustrated with any sort of portable wireless keyboard, you will certainly want to pay very close attention to the remainder of this article. You see, there is a rather remarkable new entry in the wireless keyboard market that unquestionably surpasses anything you have seen to date.

For the record, this innovative new keyboard shows up with the name Rii Wireless Keyboard. The first thing you will want to know about the Rii Wireless Keyboard is exactly how portable is this keyboard anyway? Try this on for size, the Rii Wireless keyboard is designed to be held comfortably in one hand. As you might imagine, that and that alone is a not to be dismissed feature. Imagine just one use of such a portable keyboard. Suppose you were on track to deliver a presentation or even a class to a group of people.

Instead of having to traipse back and forth between your laptop on the podium, now you are free to walk in and among the group while still maintaining full control of your presentation from the palm of your hand. Speaking of the palm of your hand, pay attention to the fact that the Rii Wireless Keyboard is much more than a smaller handheld keyboard. For example, on the right hand side of the Rii Wireless Keyboard, there is the much praised notebook style Touchpad as well as the too be expected QWERTY style keyboard.

In addition to all of that, take note that the Rii Wireless Keyboard also includes a cleverly designed laser pointer to accentuate your presentation. Moreover, the keyboard includes a back light so you can continue to work even in lower light scenarios. As far as compatibility with existing laptop or desktop computers you will pleased to learn that the Rii Wireless Keyboard makes use of the industry standard 2.4G wireless USB standard.

All of the above being said, it is important to note that the Rii Wireless Keyboard can be and often is used for many other scenarios other than presentations or classroom instruction. For example, the Rii Wireless Keyboard is compatible with Smartt TV and similar type devices. As you might expect, the Rii Wireless Keyboard arrives with its own USB charging cable. Best of all, this charging cable is engineered as a Pass Through, which means you can charge the keyboard and use it at the same time.

As you can plainly see from the above, the Rii Wireless Keyboard delivers quite a bit in a small package. Perhaps this is the on the go keyboard that you have been looking for all along.


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