High Tech Relief For Stressed Parents

Gear and Gadgets November 18, 2016

You know, most likely even first hand the stress and frustration experienced by new parents who desperately attempt everything they know to try to comfort a crying baby. As fundamental a parenting task as soothing the crying infant, to date there has been no clear guidance on the best strategy. You can readily understand that frustrated parents will try just about anything, anything at all.

Yet what if the solution to this dilemma could be solved with modern technology? After all, today’s world is all about a society where there is more likely than not an “app for that”. Well, it turns out that there is a new to the market high tech solution to this parenting challenge.

This comes from none other than Harvey Karp. If you have not yet heard the name Harvey Karp, stay tuned because you are most likely going to hear quite a bit more from him and his solution to the crying baby parenting frustration. You should understand right up front that Karp is both a pediatrician as well as a best selling author and expert on infants and sleep.

Karp’s insight that he is bringing to market is a complete rethink of the thousand year practices employed to comfort a bawling infant. According to Karp, what the infant needs more than anything else is an environment that is more closely aligned with the womb. That means a naturally noisy and turbulent place. Almost the opposite of current ‘so-called parenting wisdom’ that is currently being taught.

Anyway, Dr. Karp spent no less than five years in close corroboration with the famed MIT Media Lab and the famed designer Yves Behar. The end result is a sensor laden automated bassinet that carries the name Snoo. Understand that the Snoo is like no other bassinet ever created. This technological marvel is jam packed with sensors, microphones, speakers and motors of various sizes.

All of this technology works together so that the Snoo responds in real time with a combination of a gentle rocking motion and a “shushing” soothing sound that produced from the precisely positioned speakers. Note that this sound is precisely engineered to mimic the sounds experienced from within the mother’s womb. The combination of the gentle rocking and the womb like sounds work together to soothe the troubled infant.

In other words, right out of the box, the Snoo bassinet automates one of the most frustrating of all parenting tasks. Expect to see quite a bit more attention on the Snoo as the holiday season approaches.


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