Holy Grail For Free Software Fans?

Gear and Gadgets December 26, 2016

Interestingly, quite a number of those that are emphatic fans of so-called open source laptops are rather enthusiastically embracing the arrive of the Libreboot C201 from Minifree. Take note of the fact that the Libreboot C201 is noteworthy because of its true open source firmware.

As you probably know, this quest to achieve a truly open source laptop, a laptop that can and does operate without the use of any commercial software at all has been the proverbial holy grail for quite some time. Thus the announcement of the release of the Libreboot C201 has and is still causing quite a stir within this community.

Here is what you need to know about the Libreboot C201. The Libreboot C201 shows up as a $730 priced laptop that contains only open source software. For an operating system, the Libreboot C201 utilizes the Debian open source software platform. Moreover, to ensure that no closed software is necessary with the Libreboot C201, this laptop includes an Atheros Wi-Fi dongle. Naturally, this included dongle also employs open source Wi-Fi drivers. This allows users to avoid using the embedded Wi-Fi chip on the motherboard.

As you probably know, the Debian operating system is a full feature operating system. Since the undeniable fact is that having Linux on Desktop systems widely available is still years away, if at all, the fact that the Libreboot C201 is built around the Debian operating system means you can enjoy the benefits of a true open source laptop.

Keep in mind that Debian is built up around the Linux kernel (the core of the operating system. Debian as an operating system has been attracting increased amounts attention as of late. Consider that not only is Debian a free operating system for desktops and laptops, there are more than 29,000 (most recent estimate) software packages ready and waiting for installation.

Moreover, the fact that Debian, like Linux is completely open source means that you are able to enjoy world class operating system performance that truthfully just can’t be matched by the commercial software providers. Keep in mind that open source software is in fact maintained by the users themselves. That means that anytime any sort of problem surfaces that needs to be addressed, chances are someone (or more likely, quite a number of users)in the Debian open source community is most likely hard at work figuring out a solution.

Bottom line: the arrival of the Libreboot C201 with the Debian operating system means you now can go open source all the way.


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