Innovative Smartphone Design Just Unveiled

Gear and Gadgets March 7, 2016

Certainly you are well aware of the storied cellphone manufacturer by the name of LG. Headquartered in South Korea, LG has a long standing reputation for innovative product innovations. Thus it will be no surprise to you when you discover that LG has done it again. This time around, LG is looking to rewrite the rules on standard cellphone design. You may have noticed that as of late, the most common design standard for cellphones is for cellphone models that leave the consumer with little to no choice with respect to battery replacement, memory upgrades and the like. Think products like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy cellphones and the like.

LG just unveiled a new cellphone that in essence turns that model upside down. The product is called the LG G5 and is now the company’s top of the line cellphone. Here are some of the innovative design changes with the LG G5 that threatens to rewrite cellphone design standards. Perhaps the most innovative design change with the LG G5 is the fact that the LG G5 is a modular design. What does that mean for the LG G5?

The LG G5 is manufactured in such a way that the bottom portion of this cellphone, the chin if you want to refer to it that way, is designed to easily pop off the bottom of the unit. At that time, other components can be snapped into place. Think swappable cellphone addon components such as a rapid charge 2,800mAH battery. Interestingly, this battery is designed such that it also functions fairly well as a camera grip. Another component that can be hot swapped to the LG G5 is a Bang & Olufsen brand audio module. Naturally, you can expect other compatible products if the LG G5 is widely adopted as expected.

As far as the LG G5 itself, you will be excited to discover that the LG G5 contains not one, but two cameras. Camera number one is an 8 megapixel wide angle photo snapper with an impressive 135 degree field of view. The other camera on the LG G5 is a 16 megapixel camera optimized for portrait shots with a 78 degree view field. Get this: each camera includes an optimized sensor for digital and optical zoom.

There are a quite a number of additional exciting features built into the LG G5. As this is actually the top of the line cellphone model from LG, all eyes will be on the LG G5 to see if this new design innovation is widely embraced.


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