Need To Know: Innovation In Sunlasses Technology

Gear and Gadgets July 22, 2016

Although at first glance you may very well find yourself wondering what could really be exciting about sunglasses technology once you get to the end of this article about a rather clever new sunglasses technology you will clearly understand the excitement.

First of all, take a step back and contemplate what it is you are looking for with a pair of sunglasses. If you are like most buyers of sunglasses you will be looking for a combination of factors. These desirable features include: a lightweight frame an lens package, the ability to reduce or even eliminate glare, blockage of harmful UV rays, a comfortable fit and of course a stylish appearance.

Get this: a clever sunglass design named the Julbo Sherpa Sunglasses may in fact be just what you have been looking for all along. Start with the rather high quality lens that the Julbo Sherpa sunglasses employ. Now take a look at the somewhat unusual but highly effective leather binders. Pay attention to the fact that these binders do a stellar job of completely eliminating any sort of possible glare that is quite often the bane of traditional sunglass design.

Next up is the frame with the Julbo Sherpa. Can you say lightweight? As in hardly noticing the Julbo Sherpa sunglasses are on your head? But understand it is not just the featherweight material used to construct the Julbo Sherpa. Rather is the innovative design that configures the shape of this pair of sunglasses on your head for maximum comfort.

Lastly take a look at another innovative feature that those that are fans of outdoor activities will readily appreciate. That feature is the clever wrap around design of the end pieces of the frame. You see, the Julbo Sherpa end frames are constructed of what can best be described as a wrap around the ear feature.

Although a wrap around the ear feature may not sound so comfortable at first, you really have to experience it first hand to understand how much more user friendly this sort of design makes these unique sunglasses. Note that the combination of the wrap around the ear construction and the feather weight material means you may find yourself forgetting you are wearing sunglasses at all, at least until you walk indoors.

As you might have already surmised, the innovative nature of the Julbo Sherpa sets this pair of sunglasses far ahead of quite a number of competing sunglasses out there.


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