The Cellphone War Is Heating Up, Are You Going To Play?

Gear and Gadgets November 11, 2016

This time around, the latest salvo in the cellphone war is being delivered by none other the tech behemoth that is Google. It is impossible to have missed the news about the latest smartphone put out by Google, the technological wonder that Google has labeled the Pixel. Interestingly, the Pixel is showing up right about the same time as the Samsung Note 7 has clearly proven itself as a disaster, perhaps catastrophically for Samsung. Moreover, the Pixel is also showing up not long after the debut of the Apple iPhone 7.

In other words, now for the most part it seems to be between Apple and Google. That being said, the Pixel has some rather impressive features you might well want to note for yourself. Start with the camera found in the Pixel. First of all, unlike quite a number of cellphones manufactured today, the camera installed in the Pixel does not necessitate the “bump” that protrudes somewhat obnoxiously on standard designs. As you might well expect, the camera performance is quite impressive. Note that none other than “The Verge” took the time to point out that: “…camera performance was a standout feature.”

And other industry observers also pointed to the stellar performance of the camera on the Pixel. According to TechCrunch: “Google delivered a terrific photo and video experience on the Pixel” while also pointing out that the Pixel included video stabilization that works “astonishingly well”.

Of course, there is much more to the Pixel than the camera. Take a look at the built in voice assistant. According to quite a number of early reviews of the Pixel voice assistant, this one is the best voice assistant yet. In other words, Google’s Pixel is setting a new and higher standard for voice assistant technology.

Naturally, the Pixel includes quite a number of additional features you will appreciate. This shows up in the form of best in class software and services. What sort of services are we talking about here? Think Google Apps on steroids.

As you know, with traditional smartphones, all of your Google apps are tucked away somewhere behind a menu that you have to hunt for each time you want to use them. Not so with the Pixel. Being a native Google device, all of your favorite Google apps are right up front and center ready and waiting for your use.

Bottom line is this: the Google Pixel is setting a new standard for smartphone technology.


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