TV Delivered To Your Laptop

Gear and Gadgets November 7, 2016

You must have noticed the hard to miss fact that as of late there seem to be increasing numbers of options for so-called streaming media and television such as Hulu, YouTube and the like. That being said, you also understand that traditional Television, whether delivered via through your favorite cable company or even broadcast over the air offers something else entirely, a hard to replicate experience with the streaming services. Which brings up the question of what about watching TV on your PC or your laptop?

What indeed? Perhaps you have heard something or the other about TV tuner cards for your PC? And truth be told, those cards are okay and certainly can offer you TV on your desktop. Yet, nowadays there is an even better option available to you. This superior option is in the form of a rather innovative product sporting the name WinTv-dual HD Tuner.

Get this, right out of the box, the WinTv-dual HD Tuner shows up as not one, but two digital TV tuners in one compact and easy to install package. Take a moment and consider just the possibilities with dual tuners at your fingertips. For example, you can be engaged in watching one channel while recording another channel at the same time. Or, if you busy with your workday, you can set the WinTv-dual HD Tuner to record not one, but two channels at the same time. Alternatively, you can set the WinTv-dual HD Tuner to display picture in picture displays or you can set it up so that you have two complete TV viewing windows on your PC or laptop screen at the same time.

There’s quite a bit more to appreciate about the WinTv-dual HD Tuner. For example, since the fact of the matter is that ATSC (broadcast) is free, over the air digital HDTV standard broadcast all over North America. All you need is an antenna. At the same time, note that the WinTv-dual HD Tuner can be directly connected to your standard cable connector. This allows you to watch the same cable TV channels you already subscribe to without the hassle of the set-top box.

As you can plainly see from the above, if you are any sort of fan of television viewing at all, you now have a viable option for enjoying your favorite TV shows on your laptop or desktop.


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