VR Headset Coming Your Way Soon?

Gear and Gadgets August 1, 2016

As you probably know, the topic of virtual reality or VR as it is now more popularly referred to looks to be the focus of some very big names in the tech world. Think such vaunted names as Google and Microsoft, not to mention the untold numbers of smaller players looking to get into the next big tech wave.

So what is interesting in the tech field is some rather clandestine work taking place far beyond the public eye in the famed Google X lab. Some of this work that has been leaked out is that Google team workers are reportedly hard at work on a stand alone VR headset. While it is true that a number of competing companies are also working to bring viable VR headsets to market, early reports indicate that the Google VR headset is rather unique. Rather unique in that the Google VR headset is more self contained. That is to say, this VR headset will not be tethered to a computer or a smartphone.

In other words, the Google VR headset looks to be a stand alone type of device. While the headset does indeed have an associated screen in place, there are quite a number of additional features not typically available in off the shelf VR headsets. Truth be told, these features mean that the Google VR headset is more like the augmented reality systems that have also been generating quite a bit of buzz as of late.

You might have seen the story when it first broke in February from none other than the Wall Street Journal. At that time, the Journal reported that Google’s VR headset would employ an outward facing camera as well as an integrated system to track the headset wearer’s head motions.

Not to be outdone, you will not be surprised to learn that Microsoft is also endeavoring to bring new VR headset technology and products to market. The Microsoft VR headset is named HoloLens. Interestingly, the HoloLens headset is reported to be more akin to a wearable computer that works by a technique of overlaying real world images with enhanced digital elements.

So what does all of this mean? In short, the inescapable conclusion is that enhanced Virtual Reality headsets are on the edge of showing up in the market place in the very near future. The VR headset could very well be the next big thing in tech after all.


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