Rethinking Accepted Standards And Methods For Roofing Materials

Innovation December 5, 2016

Certainly you must have come across a story or two about the much talked about Tesla Solar Roof. In case you missed the details with all of the recent hoopla surrounding the most recent election, more details about the Tesla Solar Roof were revealed after the shareholders of Tesla approved the acquisition of Solar City. Chief Executive Elon Musk could scarcely contain his excitement after a stunning 85% of Tesla shareholders approved the acquisition which means the combined company is an integrated solar energy firm.

Musk told a gathered crowd that an up and coming Tesla Solar Roof product will in fact be less expensive to manufacture and install than the long accepted roofing materials in use today throughout the country. Note that in this case, Musk is making the hard to miss point that the new Tesla Solar Roofing tiles themselves will be cheaper without even factoring in the extra savings from local on-site solar power generation. According to Musk himself: “electricity is just a bonus”. Pretty bold statement wouldn’t you agree? How about a closer look?

Taking a closer look at the soon to be released Tesla Solar roofing tiles, the first feature you will want to understand is the construction. You see, these cutting edge roofing tiles are in fact engineered in the newly formed automotive and solar glass division of Tesla. Note that these roofing tiles are manufactured out of tempered glass. More importantly, these tiles weigh in at a mere 20% of the weight of a comparably sized terra cotta or slate roofing tile.

Pay close attention to the fact that a significant portion of the expected cost savings with these new tiles are due to the inherent shipping efficiencies. Understand that that traditional roofing tiles are heavy, bulky and for the large part, rather brittle. The brittleness associated with traditional roofing tiles combined with the high costs associated with transport is a large factor in the expense associated with traditional roofing tiles.

As of this writing, the innovative Tesla Solar Roofing Tile is on track to be released in 2017. According to Elon Musk himself, a person buying the new roofing product next year will save money compared to traditional roofing tiles plus the added benefit of local on-site power generation. Stay tuned as this story continues to develop over the next few months as details and pricing for the new Tesla Solar Roof is made public.


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