Email On Steroids?

Internet November 12, 2014

Well not quite, but pretty close. Here’s what is going on. As you already know Google’s Gmail email platform has become increasingly popular over the last few years or so. If you remember, Google made headline news last year when they “tweaked” the Gmail platform and implemented smart technology to automatically sort your Gmail inbox for you. You know, the smart tabs that show up as Primary, Promotions and Updates (if you don’t take the time to customize the tabs)?

Well now, Google has taken it one step further. Perhaps realizing that far too many people feel that their emails are out of control, Google decided to take the next step. The new and improved Gmail platform promises to ease much of the burden of coping with the seemingly endless emails that show up everyday.

This new Gmail system starts with what Google is calling “bundles”. Bundles will be groups of similar emails all assembled and packaged together for one easy viewing and handling. Here is a quick and easy example to understand: suppose you purchase products occasionally online. Or suppose you do some of your bill paying online. All of these online receipts can now be seen in one bundle that you label “receipts”. See how easy this is going to make your life?

There’s more. Beyond the new Bundles feature, the new Gmail platform will also introduce an innovative new feature called “Highlights”. Just like it sounds, the Highlights is something like an online hi-liter. Highlights will be used to display key information from the email messages. For example, suppose you get a confirmation email for the airline ticket you just purchased online. The confirmation number as well as the flight information will be highlighted for you. The team at Google refers to the Highlights feature as a way of letting you know the important information at a glance.

Do you see what is going on here? Google is working to make your email burden much easier to handle. Instead of you having to take the time to evaluate each and every email the way you do know, this new Gmail platform does much of the hard work for you. Although the current Promotions tab in the current iteration of Gmail performs a similar such function, the combination of Bundles and Highlights takes it to the next level. This new Gmail Platform is called Inbox. Google it to get started today.


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