Google Plus Adobe Equals?

Internet December 12, 2014

What do suppose happens when you put the very best that Google has to offer together with some of the best technology from Adobe? Seemingly everyone knows the name Google. At the same time, others may only know the name Adobe for the famous Adobe Reader and Photoshop, of course. However, Adobe is much more than that. Nowadays, Adobe defines themselves as a company that enables data and creativity to work together.

With that in mind, the latest joint project from these two companies makes more sense. Here is what is going on. Announced as a partnership with Google, this project is being referred to as Project PhotoShop Streaming. As of now, this is a new technology beta project.

Initially, this project will only be made available to select North America based Adobe education customers who also have an existing Creative Cloud membership. In essence, Project PhotoShop Streaming is about the capability to access PhotoShop directly on Chromebooks. Keep in mind that a Chromebook is a specially engineered laptop. The Chromebook utilizes the Chrome operating system and is designed so that their primary functions are available whenever Internet connections are available. In other words, any application along with the data associated with the application are only ever accessed from the Chromebook accessing the “cloud”.

That means there are few, if any native apps installed on the Chromebook. In other words, the applications are delivered via streaming. The advantage of working with apps in this manner is that the files are always in Google Drive and there is no need to download and then re-upload the files again. All of the work happens right there in the cloud.

In the case of Project PhotoShop Streaming, users will have many if not all of the features of the traditional PhotoShop desktop application without the hassles associated with stand apart applications. There’s more. Because the Project PhotoShop Streaming is in the “cloud”, access is also available from any Windows device with a Chrome browser or from any Chromebook.

The Project PhotoShop Streaming includes specialized learning tools with access to the Adobe Education Exchange. In addition, any time during its use, there is always and in-app Learning panel available. This learning tool is called Learn Now and provides a more customized learning solution than traditional models. That is, for those students that need it, the resource is there.

As you can see, Project PhotoShop Streaming is a great example of two technology leaders combining forces to deliver an innovative solution.


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