The Next Google?

Internet March 14, 2016

If the hard working team of eleven engineers have their way, that is exactly how this could play out. This project is the creation of a company by the name of Brain LLC. Brain is endeavoring to create an artificial intelligence engine that will completely surpass Search as you know it today.

According to representatives from Brain, the engineers have already developed a very sophisticated algorithm that delivers the most contextually relevant information that a user is looking for without the arduous and bothersome task of sifting through the typical search engine results.

As you probably know, the way that the current Google search works is by taking your search term and sending you back a slew of results. Those results, splayed out on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are supposed to be ranked in the order of relevancy to the original search term. Yet, that being said, you have also experienced the very real frustration of looking over a SERP that seems to have no relation at all to the answers you were looking for.

The team at Brain, LLC hopes to put an end to that frustration and in the process completely rewrite the rules on search. Get this: the team at Brain already have real world success stories that clearly demonstrate the power of the Brain algorithm. You may be aware of the site by the name of is a website where those seeing answers to specific questions send in their queries. Incredibly, the Brain algorithm has been delivering answers to these questions with what appears to be an astounding level of accuracy.

Speaking about the Brain technology, the founder of the company, Jerry Yue had this to say: “ at a high level…..if Google is a search engine, this is an ambition engine”. You will want to clearly understand that Yue has a clear focus to create a technology that will serve as a compliment to a user’s brain.

As you might well expect, Brain eventually plans to combine its existing data set with the treasure trove of additional data found on the numerous social media channels to create its very own social platform. At present, Brain is quite pleased with the performance of the proprietary algorithm. According to Brain, the technology is sophisticated enough to anticipate user’s needs and deliver that information to them.

As you can see, the work at Brain LLC may indeed change the way search is conducted in the very near future. The Brain technology is worth keeping an eye on.


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