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High Tech Coffee?

A High Tech Approach to Coffee

Lucian L
Lucian L Technology

As you are about to learn, quite a number of industry observers are looking forward to what promises to be nothing short of a renaissance in the world of coffee. Why so? What is this all about?

Of course you already know that coffee is widely consumed each and every day all over the world. Naturally any beverage this popular inspires quite a bit of serious research for the perfect brew so to speak. Along with the ever growing popularity of coffee consumption in all of its various forms, to date there has been a fair amount of research conducted. Yet all of that previous coffee research could soon be surpassed by the latest research from the University of California, Davis.

There, the University scientists chose the Coffea arabica coffee plant for a detailed investigation. Note that this coffee plant is the basis for an overwhelming majority of coffee production around the world. Anyway, the end result of this investigation is a genetic map of this coffee bean. In other words, the researchers successfully sequenced the entire genome of the Coffea arabica coffee plant.

Of course you can readily understand the excitement this new research has triggered. Understand that the University researchers released their findings publicly. That means that now coffee producers all over the world can begin to more accurately produce new and never seen before coffee varieties. Instead of the exceedingly slow process associated with traditional cross breeding practices, now coffee producers have a new technology to custom engineer unique coffee beans.

At the same time, take note that as this sort of research continues it will naturally lead to greater understandings of the coffee plant. Understandings such as why some coffee varieties clearly earn the best taste awards while other varieties do not. To put this another way, recognize that with the Coffea arabica coffee plant genome in hand, major producers can adapt their coffee products to be grown in alternative areas of the world, they can engineer different coffee variations that can thrive in differing clients and soil conditions. Moreover, with this sort of genetic information in hand, coffee producers can find variations that are resistant to the numerous pests that plague the coffee plant and much more.

As you might well imagine, the possibilities for coffee producers and consumers are truly staggering to contemplate. Watch for new and exciting coffee flavors headed your way in the near future.