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CamFind App

CamFind App For Google Glass

Danielle K
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As you know, it seems to be that Google is on a mission to keep pushing the technology envelope. Undoubtedly, you have heard something about Google Glass. Google Glass is a wearable device that is worn like eyeglasses and used to access computing or camera functions while on the move. A recently released App named CamFind brings visual search to Glass. The technology behind CamFind uses artificial intelligence to recognize images along with crowdsourcing, where humans can correct identification of images.

CamFind is an image recognition app created by a startup company called Image Searcher. CamFind has been available on smartphones for a while now. Recently Image Searcher submitted a Google Glass version of the app for final approval. Camfind app is unique in that it helps to bring accurate visual search to Google Glass.

The app seems quite easy to use, but it also seems a bit slow. Users can start the application by saying the command “OK Glass, what do you see?”. Saying the command will cause Google Glass to snap a photo of what you’re looking at and then the application will match the snapped photo to items, objects and other things on the app’s servers. CamFind produces tags or keywords of what it believes the image contains. If the image isn’t clear, then the CamFind will seek a human expert to give the answer. Those humans are currently staff people employed by Image Searcher. Once a match is found, users will see the results on the Google Glass display. Results appear as easily readable plain text.

Results from searches are usually provided in around 12 seconds. While getting results may seem a bit slow though, the results are apparently is impressively accurate. Also, the app has a staff team that manually identifies different images that the app cannot identify. What this means is that while you may not be able to identify something one day, you might be able to the next day.

The way the app works is simple and straightforward.. Google Glass users look at an item, object, animal or whatever and CamFind will identify it and provide information about the item to the wearer.

CamFind has already successfully returned answers for about 17 million searchers. That’s because Image Searcher’s earlier apps, TapTapSee, a virtual assistant product for the blind, and CamFind for the iPhone and Android, have been in the market for a while. Image Searcher has refined its algorithms with those apps, and it is now bringing the solution to Google Glass.

As you can see, Google Glass in combination with CamFind promises a whole new world of wearable technology.