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Humane AI Pin

Everything You Need to Know About Humane's AI Pin

Some of you may have already been wondering what a world might look like where you can take your digital personal assistant with you wherever you go, without the need for mobile technology like a smartwatch or smartphone. A future where you would no longer need to click or tap letters on the keyboard to write messages or keep staring at a screen, simply by communicating with AI intuitively and naturally? A future where you could interact with artificial intelligence, create, and access information with a voice command, projection, or simple gesture?

If you are one of these people, you might want to hear about the new AI Pin from a pioneering tech company called Humane. This new wearable device is the startup company's first product, and it promises to change the way we currently use technology. Humane was established by several people who used to work at Apple. They have plenty of experience bringing some of the world's most iconic consumer electronic devices, such as the iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone. Here is everything we know so far about Humane's new AI Pin. 

What is Humane?

The Humane company is a pioneering startup that has decided to focus on bringing the world a unique new range of cutting-edge products. Its devices will be based on AI tech and designed to center around human beings, with privacy and trust at the top of the priority list. The startup was formed in 2017 by two senior executives at Apple, Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri. They were in charge of the design and engineering teams that brought us the iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone. Also joining the new team were several other former Apple workers, including the vice president of engineering for wireless technologies at Apple, Rubén Caballero, and the lead engineer for the first iPad, Scott Cannon. 

Their vision is to bring the world a range of new products that are intelligent and humane. In other words, their products aim to respect each user's well-being, autonomy, and dignity and take the user's creativity, connection, and capabilities to the next level. Humane believes that the way we use technology today is ruled by devices that tend to be all too distracting and even addictive. Our devices can also be manipulative and intrusive, and we are long overdue to have devices that put us at the center of the experience. 

Girl Wearing Humane AI Pin

Humane's goal is to develop AI-powered tools that are natural, intuitive, and ambient, meaning they fit naturally into each user's environment and the context in which they are used so the user can interact with the devices easily and seamlessly. The innovative startup company also holds privacy and trust in extremely high regard. It aims to manufacture gadgets and devices that do not harvest or disclose a user's sensitive personal data without the user giving consent. In other words, Humane's devices will not profit from the user's behavioral patterns or displays of attention.  

The ground-breaking new AI Pin is the company's first product release. It was first announced in June 2023, and it's expected to arrive at some point before the year is out. The company believes its wearable device will be the ultimate digital personal assistant ever created. 

What exactly is the AI Pin?

Humane's new AI Pin device is a miniature wearable piece of technology in the shape of a square with rounded edges. It can be fastened to any item of clothing the user may be wearing that day, for example, the waistband of trousers, a shirt collar, or a jacket lapel. Interestingly, it doesn't have a screen. Instead, a tiny laser-powered projector displays information onto any surface, or even, for example, the user's hand. It comes with an array of speakers, microphones, and sensors, which enable the user to use voice, sound, and gestures to interact with the device. 

The company envisions the user having their AI-powered digital personal assistant with them all the time to help them with a wide range of tasks, including controlling smart home devices, fetching information from the internet, playing digital audio content, making phone calls, giving directions, taking photos, and so much more. Humane's AI Pin will also be capable of helping the user stay on top of things in their personal lives with necessary suggestions, such as summarizing their day, setting important reminders, ensuring the user never misses an appointment ever again, translating languages, and recommending restaurants, to name a few. 

Humane's state-of-the-art wearable AI Pin device is powered by AI, meaning it can learn from each individual's preferences, patterns in behavior, and habits and get used to those preferences and habits. It can easily adapt to a variety of settings based on an individual's environment, context, and needs. It's also hooked up to the cloud and is, therefore, capable of accessing digital information and then storing that data, plus it can interact with other services and devices. With that in mind, the AI Pin by Humane is privacy-centric, meaning it doesn't collect a user's personal data or listen in on their private conversations without their permission and doesn't have a wake word. 

How does the AI Pin from Humane actually work?

The user can interact with the AI pin intuitively and naturally thanks to a variety of sensors, speakers, microphones, and a projector built into the device. To activate the AI Pin, a person can use various techniques, including simply raising their hand, using some kind of gesture, or tapping it. A small green display will then be projected onto any surface, such as a table, window, door, or even a user's hand, showing the information they can access and the available options. 

When the device is up and running, a user is then able to select one of the options or choose the information they want by further gestures, such as pointing, swiping, or using voice commands. The AI Pin will then react to the user's request through sound, for example, music or speech, or by displaying the result onto a surface/user's hand via the projection. 

For example, if you want to call someone, simply tap on the device and tell it which person you want to call by saying their name. That person's name and image will then be displayed on the surface for the user to confirm. To confirm it's the right contact, the user can swipe their hand to start dialing that person, using the microphone and speaker. Another way it can be done is by using a gesture, like pointing a finger, to choose a person from their contact list, which is also displayed on the surface. 

Let's take a quick look at how a user can get information from the AI Pin, like the latest news, traffic information, or weather updates. By tapping the AI Pin, all the user needs to do is say the topic they want more information about. The relevant information will then immediately be displayed on the surface, such as the best route to avoid the traffic jam, whether rain is coming, or the latest headlines from across the globe. To scroll through the information the AI Pin retrieved for you or request more information, the user can point, swipe, or use another gesture or their voice. The device will then respond to the user's question with sound (e.g., music or speech) or projecting the answer onto a surface. 

What are the main AI Pin features?

Humane's innovative device has several impressive features that make it stand out from the crowd. Its most notable features include the following:

  • Privacy-first: This means that without your permission, it will not listen in on your conversations or collect any other data. It's a trustworthy system that puts you in complete control of your information and usage.
  • Screenless: It doesn't have a screen. Instead, the digital information it retrieves for you is displayed on almost any surface. The hands-free convenience means you can use it pretty much anywhere.
  • Artificial intelligence: Smart AI is capable of studying your regular patterns and learning from them to deliver a more personalized experience. It can adapt to your needs and help with setting reminders, recommendations/suggestions, translating, and so much more. 
  • Voice and gesture: Thanks to this talk and gesture technology, there's no more need for typing on screens. It's also natural and discreet.
  • Wearable: There's also no need for headsets, smartwatches, or smartphones. It's a tiny wearable device that can be carried anywhere and is extremely accessible because it can be clipped to almost any item of clothing with relative ease.

What makes Humane's AI Pin unique from other wearable devices?

The startup company's ground-breaking new wearable device is different from others in many ways. Some of the most obvious differences are the following:

  • Privacy: Your privacy is prioritized with Humane's AI Pin device. It doesn't constantly listen to your interactions with other people or collect data unless you give it consent to do so. The device is trustworthy and user-centric. High levels of encryption and anonymization protect your privacy. 
  • Functionality: The device is unique in the sense it doesn't have a screen, plus natural interaction is possible, thanks to voice and gesture commands/prompts. It displays information on surfaces for intuitive use, and there's no need for the user to touch screens, type, or rely on ear-based voice commands. 
  • Form factor: The versatile device sets itself apart from rival devices as a unique, screenless, wearable device. It's ideal for on-the-go use and offers the user more convenience without needing to be held separately. 
  • Intelligence: Humane's wearable device is highly adaptable, thanks to its AI-powered capabilities. It can personalize recommendations and suggestions by learning from each user and adapting functionality based on the user's behavior and habits. Personalized assistance even works equally well when offline or in areas with poor connectivity, meaning it doesn't rely on constant connectivity or any other external devices.


How do I get my hands on the Humane AI Pin device?

It's not available to purchase yet. However, it is expected to arrive at some point in 2023. The best thing to do would be to add your name and email address to the waitlist on the official Humane website. You will then receive a notification around the time of its release. 

How is the AI Pin charged?

When fully charged, the AI Pin battery should last for around ten hours. You will be able to charge it wirelessly, thanks to the clever wireless charger (included with the device). 

Is it possible to customize the AI Pin?

Yes. the AI Pin can be customized by setting your own choice of language, voice, and AI character. It's also possible to adjust the brightness and color of the laser projector that displays info on any surface. 


Humane's wearable AI Pin is already being hailed as the world's ultimate digital personal assistant. It helps the user by making life a little easier in several ways, including things like controlling devices in smart homes, making phone calls, sending messages, taking pictures, playing music, getting information, weather updates, directions, and various other day-to-day tasks. 

The tiny, multi-functional device can provide users with personalized suggestions, summarize their day, set important reminders, ensure the user never misses an appointment ever again, translate languages, recommend restaurants, and so much more.