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New Computer Technology Really Sounds Like Something Out Of Science Fiction

Lucian L
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Perhaps you saw the story just recently about the latest plans from none other than Elon Musk. Yes, the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk of Tesla fame. In case you missed the story, the gist of the tale is that Musk is looking to interface computing technology with people in a manner previously only considered in the realms of science fiction.

As you read this article and discover what this is all about, you may well find yourself thinking of the science fiction saga of the Star Trek franchise and the alien race referred to as the Borg.

According to Musk, his newly formed company, Neuralink Corporation aims to merge computers with human brains in such a manner that people could interact with each other in a form of consensual telepathy. As envisioned now, Neuralink will implant tiny electrodes directly into the brain itself. Musk points out that the initial Neuralink project will focus on addressing problematic brain conditions.

Musk further expounds on his goals for Neuralink by stating that the longer term goal is to engineer so-called brain interfaces. Musk boldly suggests that such interfaces could in fact end up replacing human language as we know it today.

To understand exactly what Musk is getting at, it is helpful to look at the rather lengthy blog post that he published about the intentions behind Neuralink. He puts it this way: “…there are a bunch of concepts in your head that then your brain has to try to compress into this incredibly low data rate called speech or typing.

That’s what language is, your brain has executed a compression algorithm on thought. Musk goes on to state that: “…if you have two brain interfaces, you could do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person.”

Wow! Talk about thinking out of the box. As you can see, even this idea seems far fetched and even fantastical. Yet, then again, if you take a look at the success that Musk has achieved with his numerous endeavors, perhaps this is not so far fetched after all.

Consider the fact that technology is advancing at such a rapid rate nowadays that it is exceedingly difficult to stay on top of the game so to speak. Perhaps the technology that will come out of the Neuralink Corporation is exactly what is needed after all. Stay tuned for more on this story in the near future.