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Upcoming Apple iOS Update Might be Their Biggest Update Yet

Lucian L
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The up and coming iOS 18 update from Apple is anticipated to be a groundbreaking milestone in the company's trajectory, as suggested by Bloomberg's tech analyst, Mark Gurman. This major update is expected to be unveiled at Apple's widely-followed WWDC event scheduled for June.

In his recent Power On newsletter, Gurman indicated that insiders view this new OS version as potentially the most substantial overhaul of iOS to date. "The upcoming developers' conference in June is shaping up to be quite a spectacle with this in mind" he noted.

This announcement follows Gurman's earlier reports hinting at Apple's intention to make iOS 18 their most daring and significant upgrade in recent years.

While specifics remain under wraps, Gurman has previously hinted at Apple's plans to introduce an advanced iteration of Siri, powered by a novel AI framework. Additionally, Apple is reportedly working on enhancements to both Siri and the Messages app, particularly in their abilities to complete sentences and respond to queries. Apple Music, too, might see the introduction of auto-generated playlists, a feature reminiscent of those already available on Spotify.

Another exciting development is Apple's exploration of generative AI for their development tools like Xcode, which could revolutionize the speed and efficiency of app development. Apple's suite of productivity applications, including Pages and Keynote, are also expected to receive updates incorporating generative AI capabilities.

A notable inclusion in iOS 18 could be support for Rich Communication Services (RCS). Back in November, Apple disclosed its plan to integrate RCS in iOS by 2024, stating that the RCS Universal Profile would significantly enhance the interoperability experience over traditional SMS or MMS. This move comes after considerable public demand for RCS support on iPhones. However, it's important to mention that Apple has confirmed that texts from Android to iPhone will retain their distinctive green bubble appearance.

As the much-anticipated iOS 18 reveal is still several months away, more details about this significant software update are likely to surface as the event draws nearer.