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First There Was Microsoft, Then There Was?

David Ojei
David Ojei Technology

Actually you may not be so surprised to learn that the software behemoth that was a key player in the early days of computing is at it again. Yes, the much storied brand that is Microsoft has a new focus with the latest upgrades to Windows 10.

The fact of the matter is that there are some industry observers out there that have stated the latest move by Microsoft is rather ambitious to put it mildly. At the same time, these industry pundits are quick to point out that what Microsoft is aiming to accomplish now will be exceedingly difficult. Following is what this is all about.

At the heart of the new endeavor by Microsoft is an entirely new design language that Microsoft has labeled Fluent. What you will want to know right away is that the intent behind Fluent is to enable Microsoft’s users to do away with the need to download so many third party applications.

More specifically, the new focus by Microsoft is on setting up Windows 10 to be an integral part of your entire gadget ecosystem. What that means in practice is that Windows 10 is being touted as a cross gadget platform. For example, take a look at a coming new feature in Windows 10 that will literally allow you to pick up exactly where you left off.

In other words, this innovative new feature will allow you to automatically save a recent document or a website you were browsing on your phone. Then when you arrive at the office and sit down in front of your desktop computer, you can now open up that document, that website, etc. exactly where you left off when accessing it on your phone.

And it’s not just about smartphones and desktop computing interaction. The clear focus with this coming upgrade to Windows 10 is on device interactions of all sorts. There’s more. As in a new feature that is being named Timeline.

Timeline takes the concept of task switching to the next level. With Timeline, you will have a cross platform history of anything and everything you have done on the computer. In other words, something more like the browser history you are already comfortable with but now with the ability to share and access across all of your devices.

As you can see, this new Microsoft is rather ambitious to say the least. Yet that being said, it is clear that users today are operating in a cross platform world. The Windows 10 update is an attempt to tie all those devices together in a user friendly manner.