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Have You Ever Experienced Tune-able Earbuds?

Shihaam Isaacs
Shihaam Isaacs Gadgets

If you are like many folks nowadays, you may find yourself in rather noisy environments. These noisy environments can be so distracting that listening to your favorite music or even a phone chat with your friends can turn into quite the ordeal.

At least until now. Now there is a rather innovative earbud product only just recently released by none other than the world famous Doppler Labs. Take note of the name of the revolutionary new earbud by Doppler Labs, that of HereOnes.

HereOnes are unique in that they allow you to in effect blend the streaming music you are enjoying with the ambient sounds of the outside world. In fact, the CEO of Doppler Labs, Noah Kraft points out that HereOnes are quite popular with commuters as well as those with trouble hearing. This is due to the HereOnes featured ability to effectively tune out ambient noise in the immediate environment.

That being said, a upcoming new upgrade to the firmware for HereOnes promises to take the experience with these earbuds to an entirely new level. Note that the latest firmware upgrade will include a number of exciting new features that will clearly set the HereOnes apart from other competing earbud products.

One of the new features with HereOnes is labeled Smart Suggest. Smart Suggest works with your ears to in effect tune your hearing based on your current environment and the ambient surrounding noise around you. For example, there is a built in subway filter. Once activated, the subway filter will automatically mute the annoying and distracting screeches of the approaching and departing trains.

As you might well expect, the HereOnes upgrade includes quite a number of additional filter modes. In future upgrades, Doppler Labs reports that these filters will automatically activate. For now, you are prompted to select the various filter modes as the HereOnes earbuds senses the surrounding noise levels and finds the appropriate filter to suggest.

You should also be aware that the latest HereOnes update means that your phone calls are crisp and clear no matter where you happen to find yourself talking. Even better, the new firmware also means that the earbud battery charge lasts much longer than before.

The HereOnes is a clear example of the very best in earbud technology. Best of all, quality of the construction of the HereOnes means you can enjoy all of the latest upgrades without having to worry about buy a new set of earbuds.