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Aura 2 - Home Security

Rewriting the Rules for In Home Security

Lucian L
Lucian L Cybersecurity

The latest technological approach to in home security deploys a series of live streaming cameras. Side note, there are some who report not really being comfortable of home life being live streamed, especially in a day and an age when it seems there is a new story every week or so about some systems being hacked.

What this means of course is that home security is clearly a field looking for a better solution. That solution may be a step closer with a clever new product from a Canadian company by the name of Cognitive Systems Corp. This revolutionary new home security from Cognitive Systems shows up in a product by the name of Aura.

The Aura home security device is built around the rather arcane science of radio wave sensing. Get this: the Aura technology works by in effect ‘sensing’ all of the existing radio waves flowing through your home. Since your home is filled with regular patterns of radio waves from numerous sources, Aura can in effect note what is normal and what is not.

In other words, something or somebody interacts with your home in such a way that the normal radio wave patterns are disturbed. This disturbance could be the case of a stranger popping open a window or kicking in a door. Aura will instantly recognize a break in the expected radio wave patterns and alert you to an issue.

Interestingly, you will appreciate the fact that the Aura home security device functions just as well in multi-story homes as single floor structures. In addition, understand that the technology built into the Aura device is sensitive to distinguish between an unwelcome intruder and a pet or ceiling fan movement.

All of the above being said, you may appreciate the fact that the Aura device is quite unlike the traditional home security plans. In other words, as of now there is no monitoring service available or capability for the device to alert law enforcement officials. Nevertheless, the Aura home security device is rather easy to set up. In other words, the Aura may appeal more to the do it yourself crowd or those that are sick and tired of all of those monthly fees.

As technology continues to advance, perhaps devices such as the Aura will become the new standard, especially when you note the Aura can be directly connected to your smartphone.