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Crealev’s CLM 2 Shelf Levitates Your Possessions

Lucian L
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Many of us have one or two prized possessions that we cherish more than anything in the world; whether it’s a piece of memorabilia, a trophy, a family heirloom, or another form of memento. Yet displaying these items in a way that truly does them justice for the special importance and meaning they have for you is often a challenge. In most cases they end up on some shelf, drowned out by the other trinkets and objects around them.

Crealev, a young company based in the Netherlands, has the perfect solution to not only give those items a fitting showcase, but to wow everyone who sees them in the process by levitating them. The company is now taking orders, though they have yet to announce an official price for their units (they will provide quotes for interested buyers).

The CLM (Crealev Levitation Module) 2 device consists of 2 parts, the base unit, and a carrier unit that functions as the floating shelf for you to place your item on. As such, the device doesn’t actually levitate your object per se, it levitates the carrier which you can then place your object onto. The carrier can safely hold objects up to 10kg (22 pounds) before it will collapse under the weight of the object.

Weight in fact has a huge outcome on the height at which the carrier can float. With nothing on it, the carrier can levitate to a maximum height of 87mm above the base unit, thanks to the power of the repelling magnets housed in the base and the carrier. As more weight is put on the carrier however, its height dips under the load. With a 5kg load it will float about 48mm above the base. With the full 10kg load it hovers just 25mm off the base. For this reason, lighter display objects are likely to give a more dramatic effect. Likewise, multiple units could be used side by side to display objects of varying weight, giving a staggered (and staggering) look.

The levitation display unit is not the first such product using levitation created by Crealev. The company has created several lamps which also use the levitation technology to float the lampshades above the lamp’s base. With prices for the lamps ranging from €980 to €1,227 ($1,329 to $1,664), they may provide some hint as to the eventual commercial price point of the CLM 2. For more details on Crealev we suggest visiting their website at