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Earphones That Make the Grade

Benjamin Vitaris
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Actually, the earphones you are about to learn about not only make the grade so to speak, in many ways they set a new standard for high quality at a bargain price. Take note of the name of these earphones, that of KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones. Truth be told, chances are good that once you see the incredible value with this set of earphones, you will want to rush and grab a pair for yourself.

Start with the rather obvious manufacturing local of China. Now whatever your opinion of Chinese audio equipment happens to be, you owe it to yourself to read a bit more about the KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones. Note that KZ just so happens to be the brand name associated with Guangdong based Shenzhen Yuanza Electronics Company.

Interestingly, this electronics company has been around since 2008 and was founded by Keith Yue, an engineer from Audio-Technica along with Zen Li, a Western trained classical musician. For the record, the name KZ not only refers to the founders themselves but also to the words Knowledge Zenith. That is your first clue as to the sort of quality and performance you will experience with the KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones.

You may well be impressed with the focus on quality that is readily apparent with the KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones. For example, the cord is manufactured from a strand consisting of no less than 32 low capacitance oxygen free copper wires. Better still, take note of the fact that the KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones includes a built in strain relief.

As you probably know, the strain relief features functions as something of a layer of protection for the earphones. That is, the strain relief function by prolonging the life of the earphones by relieving the stress and the strain of the inevitable tugs and sudden jerks associated with earphone usage.

Of course, the quality of materials and construction is important, to be sure. Yet at the end of the day, the real question is how do the KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones actually sound in your ears? Here you will be shocked and amazed at the audio quality. In fact, quite a number of reviews of the KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones make a compelling point that these earphones sound much better than expected. In large part, this is a reference to the remarkable low price point at which you can own a set of KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones.

Bottom line: the KZ-ATE Hi-Fi Earphones is an outstanding example of high performance earphones at a remarkably low price point.