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Has Science Finally Uncovered the Secret to Weight Loss?

Danielle K
Danielle K Healthcare

From the looks of it, it certainly appears that researchers at the world renowned Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have unlocked a key part of the weight loss (fat loss) puzzle. It turns out the TSRI Assistant Professor Surpriya Srinivasan along with research associate Lavina Palamiuc only just recently concluded a study with profound implications.

The researchers identified a brain hormone that by all available indications, seems to trigger a fat burning in the gut. This study was recently published in the esteemed journal Nature. Speaking about this study, Professor Srinivasan was quoted as saying: “This was basic science that unlocked an interesting mystery.”

You may well know that the fact of the matter is that previous research had clearly shown that the neurotransmitter serotonin can and does trigger fat loss. Yet, that being said, until this new finding by the TSRI researchers, no one could quite explain the mechanism for how the fat loss process was actually triggered.

Note that the TSRI findings are in fact the result of exhaustive and detailed work. The breakthrough came when the researchers identified a specific gene that acts to code for a neuropeptide hormone the researchers named FLP-7. Specifically, it was found that this FLP-7 was in fact secreted from neurons in the brain in response to elevated serontonin levels. More importantly, the path traversed by this FLP-7 hormone took it through the circulatory system directly to the gut. From there, the fat metabolism process ramped up and began clearly metablizing (burning) the fat cells.

Another way to understand this process is to note that it all starts in the brain with a neural circuit that triggers the production of serontonin in response to sensory cues such as the availability of nearby food. At that point, the FLP-7 hormone swings into action and signals receptor cells in the intestinal walls. This signal from above turns on the fat metabolism process and now the intestines are in essence producing energy from the fat cells.

Of course the question now is how to best make use of this new finding? As you might well expect, there are rather profound implications for this research. Will this finding prompt forward thinking pharmaceutical manufacturers to conduct their research in methods to stimulate the production of FLP-7? Without question! Perhaps the TSRI researchers have at last fulfilled a long standing quest for the perfect Fat Burner Pill. One that actually works. Stay tuned as you are certain to see more on this story in the near future.