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Google Personal Tab

Finding Your Own Stuff Made Easier

Lucian L
Lucian L Technology

Made easier by none other than Google itself. Read on to learn about what looks to be an unexpected yet incredibly useful innovation from Google. This new release from Google shows up on your Search Engine Results Page or SERP.

As of this writing, the name of the new release is being referred to as a Personal Tab. In addition pay attention to the fact that this Personal Tab is only just now being rolled out. That means you either have it or it is coming soon.

Back to the usefulness of this more tab. In one sense, you could say that Google is intending to deliver increasingly personal results. In other words, conduct a common Google Search for a specific term. Now you can select the Personal Tab to display very local results. Results from your Gmail account, your Google photos and more.

Note that the Personal tab is set up to work in a similar manner as you are accustomed to with Google Maps, News, etc. Once you choose to click on one of the Personal Tab results, you then have the option to either read it right there in the tab or in the native app itself, such as Gmail or Google Maps.

One point to understand about these Personal Results is that they really are local, as in for your eyes (Google Sign In) only. You see, the first time you spot your own local results right there in the middle of the SERP, it can look a bit too personal. Not to worry, as you are the only one who has access to that view.

You can readily understand the appeal of such an innovation like the Personal Tab. Once in place under your Google sign in, you are mere clicks away from accessing all of your Google Assets. No more needing to open up Gmail or Google Photos and manually search for the specific results you seek.

All of the above being said, do understand that this Personal Tab is still in the roll out phase. In other words, if you look for it and can’t find it, that means that Personal Tab is still a coming attraction for you. Nevertheless, when Personal Tab does show up and you start making use of this innovation you will wonder how you ever got along without it.